Theft and Fraud

Goldstein & Stamm, P.A. handles everything from minor shoplifting cases to multi-million dollar fraud cases. For theft crimes at any level, there are various defenses that can be pursued to try to secure the best possible outcomes for our clients. We understand that the issues presented in economic crimes can be complicated and many times involve a massive amounts of documents which the prosecution will seek to offer as evidence.

We understand that convictions for theft crimes may have serious ramifications with respect to future and current employment prospects. Accordingly, we are committed to providing our clients zealous and effective representation.

Some of the firm’s experience in these sorts of cases include a bank fraud case in Montgomery County that resulted in two hung juries and an eventual Alford plea with the client receiving no jail time. Another multi-million dollar alleged Ponzi scheme in Prince George’s County ending with a settlement before verdict without the client going to jail after a five week jury trial.

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Maryland DUI Law

Maryland DUI Law

(Vol. 8, Maryland Practice Series)
By: Leonard R. Stamm

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